When we travel, we do so much more than eat the next best dish, take endless photos, and visit museums. While all of these things are important, travel influences our perspective on people and the world we live in more than we realize. Life is trivial, the day-to-day can be monotonous, and we often lose sight of ideals, values, and morals we hold close. Travel reminds us that life’s true joys experienced through spontaneous human interaction and unanticipated connectivity to strangers often leads to temporary or lifelong friends.

Perspective travel


When we connect on a human level with our worldly peers through laughter, storytelling, and various means of communication, we spur on trust, faith, and love across cultures. When we connect with our neighbors like this, it spreads in a viral, constructive manner. The law of conservation of energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. When we foster positive energy and it is passed on with care and affection, it becomes free to pass on to the next soul and on to the next. It’s important you do your part. Once we experience the human element of transferring constructive ideas and thoughts throughout the world, this is when our perspective evolves to new levels of clarity.


Travel promotes self-development in many facets. It primarily improves our confidence in our ability to problem solve. Traveling is often logistically complex and ambiguous. If we can conquer the planning and execution aspects of traveling to austere and foreign locations, one can likely handles the daily challenges life throws at us more effectively. It’s apparent that traveling sharpens our minds in many constructive ways. One of these ways is improving our effectiveness in solving complex and ambiguous problems.

Living in the Moment Instead of Focusing on Past or Future

Travel promotes the idea of living in and for the moment. Yes, we often reminisce on good times, reflect on difficult experiences, and prudently plan for the future. But travel reminds us that the most fulfilling times in life are those experienced live and in the moment. The experiences in which endorphins burst with emotions of laughter and love are those that should be cherished forever. Travel is a pleasant reminder of allowing yourself to be present in new and meaningful experiences life has to offer. Next time you travel, keep your smart phone tucked away, reach out to strangers, and create new and meaningful experiences. If often pays off.

Altering Inputs to your Perspective

Humans grow up with preconceived notions on culture, people, and society that are strengthened by our inputs. When we constantly feed our minds stereotypical messages and the inputs don’t change, our perspective won’t change. When we travel, we see things that break stereotypes, barriers, and allow us to view humans in a different light. Travel allows us to understand that while we still have national borders, varying types of government, cultures, religion and traditions, we still operate under a set of fundamental wants, needs, and basic functions. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs doesn’t fall far from the center when we look across the world’s populations. Remind yourself of this and you will view the world with renewed openness.



Conclusion – Be Part of the Perspective Change

My 13 years of traveling have taught me about the human experience and why we should cross borders with open minds. I have much to learn and don’t have all the answers. However, I know the values of generosity, hospitality, lending a helping hand, and intently listening to a stranger can progressively change the world. Therefore, I encourage you to get out there and try to change your perspective, polish your lens. Travel, discover, and share your energy with positive intentions and you will fill your worldly role. If we travel applying the considerations in this articles, we will find ourselves with a renewed outlook on daily life.

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