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While many of my adventure categories are regions, Italy is in a league of its own with in my opinion, one of the most beautiful languages, unparalleled cuisine, boundless beauty in its varying landscapes, and endless allure, enjoy my Italy posts below as you draw inspiration to feed your wanderlust.


Rome: The Essentials – A Complete Travel Guide

Written on February 19, 2021 in Italy

By Michael Welsch So you’ve decided to visit Rome. “Che cazzo ti ha fatto prendere cosi tanto tempo!!” Translation: “What the fuck took you so long!!” The eternal city is truly amazing. Between the food, history, architecture, fashion, and sights, it’s not surprising that Rome is one of the most visited cities in the wor...

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How to Road Trip Puglia (Apulia) | A Destination Guide

Written on December 25, 2017 in Adventure Archive

Puglia. Forget yacht-sprinkled coastlines, metropolitan fashion capitals, and new world shopping. Forget other destinations today’s tourist may be searching for from a high-end luxury standpoint. Puglia brings an old-school character to the table that is hard to compare. Think idealistic Italian comfort food with hearty sauces that would make you...

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