Iceland in the Winter – A True Wonderland

Written on May 14, 2017 in Adventure Archive

Iceland is a true adventurer’s playground with seemingly infinite glacial waterfalls, boundless black sand beaches, powerful active geysers, and unpredictable dancing northern lights. While many travelers travel to Iceland in the warmer months, experiencing Iceland in the winter was a magical experience. I will detail each point below in furt...

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Paragliding in Medellin, Colombia

Written on April 29, 2017 in Adventure Archive

What’s your first thought when someone says “Medellin”? Let me guess, your mind scrambles to Pablo Escobar, the show “Narcos” on Netflix, and violence. I’m here to tell you that Colombia, as a whole, has come light years since its dramatic history spanning decades in the late 1900s. Medellin was at the heart of Colombia’s...

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Split, Croatia | Renting out a Villa for a Week

Written on April 23, 2017 in Adventure Archive

Looking for a beautiful villa on the Mediterranean to sip wine, look out over the glistening sea, and feast on some of the freshest seafood the Med has to offer? Look no further. Croatia has some of the most enthralling coastlines of the entire Mediterranean. With the charm of coastal Italy infused with elements of...

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