Hi, my name is Brooks. Over the past decade, I’ve traveled to 51 countries seeking boundless adventure, history, culture, people, food, and adrenaline-fueled activities. I’m here to share my story with you.

Who is Boundless Brooks?

I am currently a Program Manager, former NCAA athlete, avid promoter of self-development, adventure travel writer, and an open-minded student of life.

My Vision

My vision is to inspire a deep desire for adventure enthusiasts and travelers alike to seek the unknown and to discover the world and yourself through adventurous travel. Hoist your sails, leave the safe harbor, and explore the hidden treasures our incredible world has to offer.

Boundless Brooks About

Why I Adventure Travel

“So what, what will travel do for me, why travel? I’m perfectly comfortable staying local”. This is a common perspective of many individuals. However, I encourage everyone to leave their comfort zone every once in a while and learn through exploration and grow through adversity. While not everyone is geared to travel, I feel compelled to advocate its benefits.

I’d like to think cultural and introspective discovery sits at the heart of it all. To understand a culture and introspectively understand your roots, one should consider three key areas when adventure traveling: The People, The History, and The Food.

The People: First and foremost, gaining an appreciation for the people through social and non-verbal interaction is the most important aspect.

Yes, that may include a little social lubricant (alcohol) along the way.

It can be difficult to initiate conversations with strangers, especially when you are an introvert, but it you have a lot more fun and experience more when you are open to talking to new people. You inevitably learn as well!

Adventure eye

The History: No matter whether it’s language, religion, or any aspect of a culture, our current civilization is a direct reflection of the chapters of our past.

The value one can learn through history is evident in a culture’s architecture, attiree, food, and so much more.

Therefore, one should avoid neglecting the historical aspect of your travels.

Puerto Rico Fort

The Food: Food is like a picture worth a 1,000 words with a side of 1,000 more.

Food can speak volumes about a society. It complements history and tells stories about the people throughout time.

Certain recipes have been around for ages, yet others have recently developed via cultural blending in a newly globalized society.

This being said, food is an essential aspect of any cultural immersion no matter where you may find yourself.

pasta in Florence, adventure

Without further ado, please enjoy Boundless Brooks and my adventure posts.

I hope you leave here with a morsel of revitalized inspiration for travel and desire to plan your next adventure!



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